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On the home page of NFTone at https://nftone.net you can see Top users, Live auctions and the Explore section with recently added NFT collectibles. The “Log in” button at the top menu does not require you to insert personal details, however, it requires TronLink or an equivalent extension installed on your device.

Click the “Log in” button at the top menu, then you’ll be redirected to the authorization page where you can choose a preferable way of authorization. At the moment you can authorize via TronLink. Click on the “Tronlink” button to get to your profile page.

To register on mobile, open your Tronlink wallet on mobile and go to “Browser”. Next, select NFTone.net and tap “Log in”.

On the profile page, you can see the collectibles you own, the collectibles you’ve created, and your collectibles that are put out for bids. Click “Edit user” at the top of your profile to start editing your personal information. Once you’re done click “Update” to apply the changes.

After authorization, you will see the “Become a publisher” button in the top menu of the website. Click it to apply for becoming a collectibles publisher. On the “Become a publisher” page you will need to fill in a short questionnaire and add a few of your artworks for reference. If you comply with our requirements we will add you to the list of our creators. We will inform you about the resolution via email as soon as we review your request.

Once your new status is approved, you will see the “Create” button instead of “Become a publisher” at the top menu. Click “Create” to add a new collectible to the marketplace. Then you will be redirected to a new collectible page. On the page, you will need to add description and images of a new collectible. After editing click “Create” at the bottom of the page to send your artwork to the marketplace, then you will be redirected to your profile page. A newly added collectible will be displayed in the section of collectibles that you own.

For a newcomer, the total cost of minting comprises 95 TRX.

This sum is taken by TRON Network and includes the cost of account creation in the marketplace, cost of account deletion in case you decide to delete your account, cost of minting, minting approval, and cost of the auction start.

The charges taken by TRON Network are given below.

Minting 30 TRX
Approval 5 TRX
Sending to an auction 65 TRX

Bid 5 TRX
Buy Now 25 TRX

Finalize (for completing an auction) 60 TRX

1. An auction-store lot creation cost consists of three transactions in the TRON network.

a. MintWithTokenUri — Token creation — is a service fee in the amount of ~ 25 TRX or ~250,000 Energy taken by the TRON network. This sum is charged directly from a user account after their e-wallet confirmation.

b. Approve — A token owner with a certain ID must allow the auction contract to manage and store the token. The service fee is around 5 TRX or 50,000 Energy. This sum is charged directly from a user account after their e-wallet confirmation.

c. CreateAuction — Lot creation cost is around ~50 TRX or 350,000 Energy for an auction store. The fee is charged directly from a user account after their e-wallet confirmation.

2. The auction end cost is paid by the auction creator through the Finalize method. During that moment an NFT token is transferred from seller to buyer, where the seller gets the highest bid in TRX. Thus, this is the cost of the method call, which is around ~ 25 TRX or 200,000 Energy. This fee is charged by the TRON network. NFTone receives 2% of the highest bid in the auction.

3. Bid cost in an active auction consists of ~ 5 TRX fee by the TRON network plus the bid amount.

4. The cost of BuyNow consists of ~ 23 TRX fee by the TRON network plus the purchase price. NFTone will receive 2% of the purchase price.

Calculate the transaction cost in the TRON network at https://tronstation.io/calculator

When creating a collectible, select the “Put on sale” option. In the new fields, you will need to indicate auction start and end time, minimal and instant-sale prices. Please pay attention to the fact that a bid cannot exceed an instant sale price. Once an auction comes to an end, a collectible owner should finish it by clicking “Finalize” in the active auction.

To buy a collectible you must be a registered marketplace user, and your digital wallet balance must be positive. Click “Place a bid” next to an artwork you want, and you will be sent to the collectible’s profile for purchase. You can buy a collectible in two ways: put a bid based on the “Bids” history of the lot, or click “Buy now” if you want to purchase it instantly at the price requested by the collectible’s owner.

The NFTone marketplace allows creating auctions in the Tron Network system, where users can set minimum and preferred (or instant-sale) prices for their lots. In the marketplace, an auction bid cannot exceed an instant-sale price. During an auction, smart contracts of the system save only the assets of the highest bid and the token put on sale. Once a new bid exceeds a previous one, the latter is immediately returned to its owner. If a buyer clicks “Buy now” while there are several active bids on the same lot, then the highest bid will be returned to its owner.

Smart contracts of the Tron Network system are used in the NFTone platform’s encryption. Collectable assets, their details and history are recorded on the decentralized BTFS system. The project’s back end is provided in the View mode with certain data given in a human-readable format. Even if your system’s front end or back end is offline your data will not be lost.

Becoming an author is free of charge. To become an author you need to apply via the platform. Once your application is reviewed, you will be able to submit your artworks to the system.

Unlike other projects, we use Tron Network, a much faster base with swift, inexpensive transactions. Thanks to its advantages, we claim a lower commission than other platforms. Thus, we take a commission only from closed deals, in the amount of 2 per cent from an actual sum of the deal. In other words, we receive the commission only after the “Finalize” or “Buy now” button is clicked. For example, if you place a collectible at the instant-sale price of 100 TRX and the buyer purchases it via the “Buy now” button at the price of 100 TRX, then the platform will get 2 per cent of the deal which equals 2 TRX. The seller will get 98 per cent of the deal or 98 TRX. If a maximum bid in an auction comprises 10 TRX, then the platform will get 2 per cent of the deal or 0.2 TRX, and the author will receive 98% or 9.8 TRX.

At the moment the platform supports only TRC721. In future, we will upgrade to TRC1155, as soon as this opportunity is enabled in the Tron Network system.

You don’t need to withdraw assets from the platform. During transactions, we do not keep your money as it is immediately sent to your wallet.